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  • I am forever a buyer from this company. Prompt service and nice packaging! Very professional. I love Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution for my hair. The consistency is not too thick, no awful smell, and my tight 3c/4a curls are elongated, soft and moisturized. Just be mindful of the amount you use. A little goes a long way!!

    Tanyelle Johnson, NJ
  • Great Service & Team. Despite Hurricane Sandy I got my package just a couple of days later than the initial estimate, and with an apology letter that I thought was so thoughtful.

    Omolorade Meseko, CA
  • I've never heard of AVEYOU beauty before so I was a little wary of ordering from them, but they are definitely legit! Everything arrived in a printed bubble mailer, complete with a very cute printed card and a tote bag. My product was just as though I'd bought it from any other high-end beauty retailer. I'm excited to see results. My package even got here early. Great retailer!

    Katherine Warchol, OH
  • This was a great purchase and the seller got it too me sooner than I expected, enclosing a few "freebies", which was a great touch.

    Pamela Codd, IA
  • Excellent service - when i contacted them with a question about my order, they were very fast to respond

    Laura Ingram, AZ
  • Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever been so impressed by packaging! My item came in a cute-printed bubble envelope with a custom reusable bag inside which was wrapped around the box with my shoes. And there were beauty product samples in there too! Fantastic!

    Danielle Ransom, TX
  • This is really, one of the best sellers.. The customer Service is simply "THE BEST!!!" I will continue to purchase from this Seller for as long as they remain in business..Thank God for companies like you!!!

    Sheryl K. Kindle, IL
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It was 1957 when a young pharmacist named Yoshikiyo Nowatari first introduced his now famous moisturizing cream to Japan. His creation was invented at the request of a woman long-suffering from dry, cracked skin. She was tired of using petroleum-based skin care products that she found to be greasy, messy and ineffective. With the help of a chemist and a special manufacturing process, he created a glycerin-based moisturizer that would go on to be one of the longest-selling skin care products in Japan and the #1 selling medicated, vitamin-enriched cream on the market.


World-class mountain climber and explorer Sumiyo Tsuzuki uses Yu-Be to protect her skin on expeditions all over the world. Ms. Tsuzuki was the first Japanese woman to ever summit Mt. Everest from the more difficult "Northern Ridge" (the China/Tibet side). She also appears in the I-MAX documentary film "EVEREST". Wearing a 1.25 oz. tube taped to a shoelace around her neck, she used Yu-Be to moisturize and protect her skin from the harsh elements of cold, wind and water on the world's tallest peak. (29,000+ ft!)

Yu-Be... Tested From the Top of the World to the Bottom!

In december of 2007, Sumiyo turned her compass to the frozen tundra of THE SOUTH POLE in ANTARCTICA.  Ms.Tsuzuki became the first Japanese woman to ever ski to the lowest point on Earth. She overcame the extreme winds and sub-zero temperatures with the help of her trusted YU-BE MOISTURIZING SKIN CREAM.

International Expansion

For years, Yu-Be was an often-asked-for special gift from travelers visiting Japan. One Japanese-American businessman was constantly bringing back Yu-Be to his wife, Elena. Elena discovered Yu-Be at age 14 when living at her boarding school in Japan. There, the dormitory headmistress lectured on the virtues of moisturizing and caring for their skin with Yu-Be. At school, the students ordered their basic supplies on a simple order form that included snacks, shampoo, soap and their favorite moisturizer. The students grew up trusting and relying on this exceptional moisturizer for all their skincare needs.  As Elena’s and her husband Jim’s family began to grow, so did their need for Yu-Be. Jim, an entrepreneur and businessman, saw an opportunity and decided to bring his wife’s beloved product to the United States, and then Europe and Australia. The response has proven Elena’s instinct that women and families all over the world would embrace the Japanese whole body, whole family approach to skincare.

Now after all these years, Yu-Be has come to America and beyond!  Experience the comforting goodness of YU-BE!

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YU-BE Foaming Skin Polish, 7 fl. oz.
Your Price: $18.00
YU-BE Foaming Skin Polish, 7 fl. oz.
An exfoliating scrub for the face and body.
YU-BE Gift Set
Your Price: $68.00
YU-BE Gift Set
Free YU-BE Drawstring Backpack Included!
YU-BE Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks
Your Price: $13.00
YU-BE Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks
Yu-Be Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks are made with an advanced bacteria-absorbing material called Chitosan (pronounced Kite-uh-san) that is both hypoallergenic and has remarkable anti-microbial properties to help eliminate odor and promote healthy skin.
YU-BE Lip Therapy, 0.15 oz.
Your Price: $5.00
YU-BE Lip Therapy, 0.15 oz.
A hydrating, glycerin-based lip balm.
YU-BE Moisturizing Body Lotion, 10.25 fl. oz.
Your Price: $29.00
YU-BE Moisturizing Body Lotion, 10.25 fl. oz.
A glycerin-based, daily use body lotion.
YU-BE Moisturizing Skin Cream To Go, 1.25 oz.
Your Price: $16.00
YU-BE Moisturizing Skin Cream To Go, 1.25 oz.
A travel-size tube of concentrated glycerin moisturizing cream.
YU-BE Moisturizing Skin Cream, 2.75 oz.
Your Price: $25.00
YU-BE Moisturizing Skin Cream, 2.75 oz.
A concentrated glycerin moisturizing cream.
Yu-Be Travel Set
Your Price: $21.00
Yu-Be Travel Set
Yu-Be Travel Set: 1 Cream Tube & 1 Balm + FREE BAG and FREE SAMPLES