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  • I am forever a buyer from this company. Prompt service and nice packaging! Very professional. I love Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution for my hair. The consistency is not too thick, no awful smell, and my tight 3c/4a curls are elongated, soft and moisturized. Just be mindful of the amount you use. A little goes a long way!!

    Tanyelle Johnson, NJ
  • Great Service & Team. Despite Hurricane Sandy I got my package just a couple of days later than the initial estimate, and with an apology letter that I thought was so thoughtful.

    Omolorade Meseko, CA
  • I've never heard of AVEYOU beauty before so I was a little wary of ordering from them, but they are definitely legit! Everything arrived in a printed bubble mailer, complete with a very cute printed card and a tote bag. My product was just as though I'd bought it from any other high-end beauty retailer. I'm excited to see results. My package even got here early. Great retailer!

    Katherine Warchol, OH
  • This was a great purchase and the seller got it too me sooner than I expected, enclosing a few "freebies", which was a great touch.

    Pamela Codd, IA
  • Excellent service - when i contacted them with a question about my order, they were very fast to respond

    Laura Ingram, AZ
  • Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever been so impressed by packaging! My item came in a cute-printed bubble envelope with a custom reusable bag inside which was wrapped around the box with my shoes. And there were beauty product samples in there too! Fantastic!

    Danielle Ransom, TX
  • This is really, one of the best sellers.. The customer Service is simply "THE BEST!!!" I will continue to purchase from this Seller for as long as they remain in business..Thank God for companies like you!!!

    Sheryl K. Kindle, IL
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Hollywood Fashion Tape

If only Janet Jackson had known about this Minneapolis duo's line of little products that help women avoid overexposure.

It all started with a gray sweater.  Marni Bumsted was struggling to keep the fabric between two strategically placed buttons on her stretchy cardigan to stay shut over a bra. When her friend Jennifer Kouba saw her dilemma, she grabbed the double-stick tape she uses in her job as a Los Angeles set stylist and closed the potentially embarrassing opening.

Bumsted was struck at that moment. "That was so brilliant," she said. "I was pondering, 'Why didn't I know about this?' Instantly, I thought that it would be a cool product to sell."  She thought about it for three years before teaming with a friend she met through their kids' gymnastics, Jane Dailey. Together they created Hollywood Fashion Tape -- 3- by 1½-inch strips of double-stick, clear medical tape that is hypoallergenic and safe for fabric, packaged in girly pink. A few strips can hold up a strapless dress, pin up a hem, close up wrap dresses and, of course, seal a gapping blouse or sweater.

Ten years after Bumsted's epiphany, the 49-year-old business partners have sold millions of the sticky strips. Hollywood Fashion Tape is available in more than 30 countries (it's huge in Australia). The beauty magazine Allure named it a "best product" in the October 2007 issue. And it's caught the attention of celebrities -- whose moments in the spotlight require paparazzi-foiling coverup. "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria's wedding planner called to get some for her wedding party. Teri Hatcher, Debra Messing and Joan Rivers are fans......