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  • I am forever a buyer from this company. Prompt service and nice packaging! Very professional. I love Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution for my hair. The consistency is not too thick, no awful smell, and my tight 3c/4a curls are elongated, soft and moisturized. Just be mindful of the amount you use. A little goes a long way!!

    Tanyelle Johnson, NJ
  • Great Service & Team. Despite Hurricane Sandy I got my package just a couple of days later than the initial estimate, and with an apology letter that I thought was so thoughtful.

    Omolorade Meseko, CA
  • I've never heard of AVEYOU beauty before so I was a little wary of ordering from them, but they are definitely legit! Everything arrived in a printed bubble mailer, complete with a very cute printed card and a tote bag. My product was just as though I'd bought it from any other high-end beauty retailer. I'm excited to see results. My package even got here early. Great retailer!

    Katherine Warchol, OH
  • This was a great purchase and the seller got it too me sooner than I expected, enclosing a few "freebies", which was a great touch.

    Pamela Codd, IA
  • Excellent service - when i contacted them with a question about my order, they were very fast to respond

    Laura Ingram, AZ
  • Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever been so impressed by packaging! My item came in a cute-printed bubble envelope with a custom reusable bag inside which was wrapped around the box with my shoes. And there were beauty product samples in there too! Fantastic!

    Danielle Ransom, TX
  • This is really, one of the best sellers.. The customer Service is simply "THE BEST!!!" I will continue to purchase from this Seller for as long as they remain in business..Thank God for companies like you!!!

    Sheryl K. Kindle, IL
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Emani Cosmetics


Established in 1998 with a singular mission in creating a healthy line cosmetic that meets the standards of the professional makeup industry yet any women can enjoy the healthy benefits of mineral makeup. A leading cause of wrinkled skin and breakouts is the heavy and constant application of chemical makeup. After years of makeup use, your skin is no longer what it used to be. Mineral makeup was inspired by plastic surgeons and dermatologist, it is simply the most simple, natural product you can put on your skin.

UVA and UVB can cause permanent skin damages after a major skin procedure and chemically based sun block can produce a negative reaction to the skin. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend either a titanium dioxide or zinc oxide based product to combat the UVA and UVB rays. However, these pricey creams prescribed were for function, not for cosmetics purposes and were ghastly white. Emani recognizes the need of translating these benefits into an every day makeup so the most sensitive skin women can use and benefit from minerals. Traditional liquid foundations contain un-natural ingredients that can produce a state of imbalance or irritation in many skin types. Mineral cosmetics are the simplest, most natural, non-comedongenic and no-reactive form of cosmetics.

Mineral makeup takes its inspiration from minerals and inorganic pigments that exist in nature, which are finely milled and purified, then treated or coated with other pigments to create different colors and effects. Some mineral pigments are matte, some have a slight shimmer, and some are positively sparkling! These beautifully colored minerals, such as mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron oxides, and ultramarine pigments, can be created to make every cosmetic from foundation to eye shadow to shimmer powder for the body! Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are anti-inflammatory and actually help calm the skin. Emani loose minerals are composed of inert minerals that cannot support the growth of bacteria.

Mica is a transparent mineral which is mined from the earth. It can be opalescent and sparkling or completely matte, ranging in color from grey to blue to green. It is often treated with iron oxides to yield brilliant color effects. Due to the sheer, translucent and skin-hugging effect of the mica mineral, your natural skin tone shines through when you use our blush, foundation powders or eye shadows. All of our cosmetics contain mica powder, which reflects light from the face, creating an illusion of a smoother, softer and more radiant skin tone. Fine lines are softened; skin texture appears more even and more lucid and it is weightless on your skin, it is the new natural science of beautiful skin.