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  • I am forever a buyer from this company. Prompt service and nice packaging! Very professional. I love Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution for my hair. The consistency is not too thick, no awful smell, and my tight 3c/4a curls are elongated, soft and moisturized. Just be mindful of the amount you use. A little goes a long way!!

    Tanyelle Johnson, NJ
  • Great Service & Team. Despite Hurricane Sandy I got my package just a couple of days later than the initial estimate, and with an apology letter that I thought was so thoughtful.

    Omolorade Meseko, CA
  • I've never heard of AVEYOU beauty before so I was a little wary of ordering from them, but they are definitely legit! Everything arrived in a printed bubble mailer, complete with a very cute printed card and a tote bag. My product was just as though I'd bought it from any other high-end beauty retailer. I'm excited to see results. My package even got here early. Great retailer!

    Katherine Warchol, OH
  • This was a great purchase and the seller got it too me sooner than I expected, enclosing a few "freebies", which was a great touch.

    Pamela Codd, IA
  • Excellent service - when i contacted them with a question about my order, they were very fast to respond

    Laura Ingram, AZ
  • Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever been so impressed by packaging! My item came in a cute-printed bubble envelope with a custom reusable bag inside which was wrapped around the box with my shoes. And there were beauty product samples in there too! Fantastic!

    Danielle Ransom, TX
  • This is really, one of the best sellers.. The customer Service is simply "THE BEST!!!" I will continue to purchase from this Seller for as long as they remain in business..Thank God for companies like you!!!

    Sheryl K. Kindle, IL
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Classified Cosmetics

It is a multi-faceted phenomenon formed from a single idea. A revelation is not a drastic change. It is a subtle, yet significant, shift in thought, practice and attitude with far-reaching results.

A revelation encourages exploration and growth. It redefines what we know to be true and tantalizes the imagination with "what ifs." A revelation transforms attitudes of "can't do" into "can do" with astonishing clarity and gives old concepts a fresh new twist. A revelation fulfills the need to know and quenches the thirst for knowledge.

When you realize that the golden synergy existing between time-tested wisdom and a visionary's dreams not only compliments, but also inspires one another... the revelation is beautiful.

A revelation is free to express its message and to reach its full potential. It is effortlessly felt by all the senses. A revelation reveals a glimpse of what can be to those willing to see. It challenges us to transcend our self-imposed boundaries. It can free the spirit from the bindery of time, circumstance and inhibitions that burden the creative soul.

When you realize the only limitation are those that are self-imposed, and that it's possible for dreams to evolve into reality... the revelation is beautiful.

A revelation is a gentle awakening; nurturing, yet dynamic in force. It springs from a love of self, others and the environment. A revelation gains strength from positive values. It embodies an unspoken, universal respect and embraces the opportunity to share good fortune with the community. A revelation creates a personal connection that bonds those of similar beliefs.

When you realize the creativity and inspiration that radiates from the simple act of loving what you do, reflects onto others and can infuse joy into everything it touches... the revelation is beautiful.

A revelation provides the direction and commitment needed to follow a path of excellence. It allows for a foundation of high principles and strong morals upon which any worthwhile goal is attainable. A revelation is a symbol of dedication and determination.

When you realize that a successful, rapidly expanding company can still care about intricate details and strive to help individuals reach their personal best, you have been introduced to Classified Cosmetics... and the revelation is beautiful.

Classified Cosmetics was conceived from the beauty of a revelation. Our mission is to weave the principles of freedom, love, excellence, exploration and wisdom into our products, our company culture and our corporate image. We believe it is possible to nurture positive ideals such as integrity, compassion and laughter inside a globally successful, corporate atmosphere.

Together, we will change the face of cosmetics and share a beautiful new ERA® of business and prosperity. Together, we will share a revelation in beauty™.

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Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Foundation, 2.25 oz.
Your Price: $33.00
Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Foundation, 2.25 oz.
10 oil-free shades. Gentle, hydrating formula can be layered for light to medium finish. Use with concealer for additional spot coverage.
Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Pink Topaz Shimmer, 1.5 oz.
Your Price: $28.00
Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Pink Topaz Shimmer, 1.5 oz.
Apply anywhere on the body for a spritz of easy glamour or beautifully tint eyes, lips and cheeks.
Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Primer, 1.5 oz.
Your Price: $25.00
Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Primer, 1.5 oz.
Create a flawless canvas for lashes, lids, face and lips with a gentle, daily dose of vitamins & botanicals. Brightens and smooths skin with a quick, 2-second application.
Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Sun Kissed Bronzer, 1.5 oz.
Your Price: $28.00
Classified Cosmetics Era® Everyday Sun Kissed Bronzer, 1.5 oz.
Create instant head-to-toe glow or accentuate eyes, lips and cheeks with radiant color.
Classified Cosmetics Era® Large Cosmetic Puff & Headwrap Set
Your Price: $15.00
Classified Cosmetics Era® Large Cosmetic Puff & Headwrap Set
Use to enhance your ERA® makeup application. Made of luxurious cotton. Machine washable.
Classified Cosmetics Era® Primer, 1.5 oz.
Your Price: $30.00
Classified Cosmetics Era® Primer, 1.5 oz.
Five-in-one primer for brows, lashes, lids, skin and lips Helps makeup last longer and look better Medi-spa levels of vitamins & botanicals Oil-free. Illuminating and smoothing base (CAN ALSO BE USED AS A COLOR TRANSFORMER)