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  • I am forever a buyer from this company. Prompt service and nice packaging! Very professional. I love Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution for my hair. The consistency is not too thick, no awful smell, and my tight 3c/4a curls are elongated, soft and moisturized. Just be mindful of the amount you use. A little goes a long way!!

    Tanyelle Johnson, NJ
  • Great Service & Team. Despite Hurricane Sandy I got my package just a couple of days later than the initial estimate, and with an apology letter that I thought was so thoughtful.

    Omolorade Meseko, CA
  • I've never heard of AVEYOU beauty before so I was a little wary of ordering from them, but they are definitely legit! Everything arrived in a printed bubble mailer, complete with a very cute printed card and a tote bag. My product was just as though I'd bought it from any other high-end beauty retailer. I'm excited to see results. My package even got here early. Great retailer!

    Katherine Warchol, OH
  • This was a great purchase and the seller got it too me sooner than I expected, enclosing a few "freebies", which was a great touch.

    Pamela Codd, IA
  • Excellent service - when i contacted them with a question about my order, they were very fast to respond

    Laura Ingram, AZ
  • Oh my goodness! I don't think I've ever been so impressed by packaging! My item came in a cute-printed bubble envelope with a custom reusable bag inside which was wrapped around the box with my shoes. And there were beauty product samples in there too! Fantastic!

    Danielle Ransom, TX
  • This is really, one of the best sellers.. The customer Service is simply "THE BEST!!!" I will continue to purchase from this Seller for as long as they remain in business..Thank God for companies like you!!!

    Sheryl K. Kindle, IL
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Treger Strasberg, of the west coast and Loren Weiner a former Manhattanite met in the middle and a fast friendship was formed. Both moms, yoginis, artists and former business owners, they knew as early as their first play date that their bond was kismet. Their friendship fate was sealed when they discovered that their two youngest daughters were Ruby Jane and Tuesday Gail. RUBY TUESDAY!

The inspiration for CamelAmmo came to Loren a few years back when she saw some unfortunate paparazzi pictures of a poor unsuspecting starlet’s frontal wedgie. Outraged, she leaped into action and so began the war on the front lines. “In the on-line world where exploiting women has become the sport du jour,” says Weiner, “Treger and I have vowed to provide a little dignity to our sisters!” She goes on to say, “whether you are a silver screen sweetheart, a yogini, or the soccer, working or stay-at-home mom down the street, we must have each others' backs and now CamelAmmo’s got your front too!”

“When Loren first spoke of her idea for CamelAmmo she asked me to sit down, and rightfully so. What a brilliant idea!” Treger reflected. How could she not want to be a part of this? Saving women all over the world from wardrobe malfunctions? She was in.  The duo knew that their idea could be toeing the line a bit but were confident that the world was ready for this much needed modesty item. Treger and Loren have made it their mission to get the CamelAmmo name out without compromising their own character. After all, their most important roles are being moms.